Association des distributeurs, conditionneurs, récupérateurs & retraiteurs de réfrigérants

L’ADC3Rat the heart of refrigerants

L’ADC3R, an association founded in 2013, unites companies in France, which distribute, condition, recover and reclaim refrigerants.

ADC3R’s primary aim is a commitment to limit the impact of CO2 when using refrigerants in the spirit of COP21. One of its main aims is to encourage refrigerant recovery, processing and regeneration while promoting actions to limit CO2 emissions.To this end it acts to promote good professional practice amongst all those involved in the sector.Finally, it carries out studies and consultations or has them carried out as part of the association’s duties.

Working with the whole sector

The association was founded by Calorie Fluor, Climalife, Créalis, Gazechim and Westfalen. Generally affiliated with other associations or unions linkedto refrigeration and air conditioning professionals (AFCE, AFF, SNEFCCA etc.), the founding members are all members of their own accord.Laurent Guégan, representative of the presidency of the association, thinks that it was vital to create this structure. ADC3R came about because its founders, representing different stakeholders (producers, generalist equipment and service distributors, installers, etc.) wanted to see their sector officially represented. Recent regulatory changes only increased the feeling that it was important to set up a body to protect the future of all the components of the distribution sector with all its inherent characteristics and issues.These days the clearly defined aimof all its members is to work together with everyone in the sector. Their aim is to share good practices, which could improve the life cycle of F-Gases. ADC3R would like to be the go to contact for professional associations and local authorities for all legislative and regulatory changes relating to distribution, air conditioning and refrigerant recovery and processing. As an association it can more easily make itself heard by the local authorities and get direct answers to its questions.

Since it was created in March 2013 ADC3R has been involved in important topics and brought its global vision for each one:

  • Participating in a think tank about tax on refrigerants
  • Training operators with regards to waste transfer documents
  • Participating in discussions about revising F-Gas regulations for France and Europe
  • Participating in discussions about French legislation regarding F-Gas regulations