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ADC3R, an association created in 2013, brings together companies that operate in France as distributors, fillers, waste pickers and refrigerant reprocessors.

The primary goal of the ADC3R is to engage in efforts to limit the CO2 impact in the implementation of refrigerants, in the spirit of COP21.

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All regulations concerning refrigerants can be found here. Please note that all these regulations have one and the same objective: to promote refrigerants with a low GWP (Global Warming Potential).

There are 3 types of regulations:

  • French
    • Waste Follow-up Forms
  • European
  • International
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ADC3R carries out and commissions studies or consultations on refrigerants and fluorinated gases with the assistance of ARMINES, ADEME, CITEPA or the Climate Economy Chair and other sector organizations in order to encourage the recovery, treatment and reclamation of refrigerants and to promote the limitation of CO2 emissions.
These studies are available for download or on request.

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