31 March 2023

Révision de la F-Gas : La pression l’emporte sur la raison

Le Parlement Européen vote le texte de la commission ENVI […]

21 March 2023

Les guides pratiques Trackdéchets : opérateur et distributeur

L’utilisation de Trackdéchets est obligatoire, pour les fluides frigorigènes, à […]

7 February 2023

Mise en œuvre de l’outil Trackdéchets

Le bordereau de suivi de déchet doit être dématérialisé via […]

3 February 2023

Gestion de suivi des déchets : une transition progressive vers la simplification et la dématérialisation.

Les dernières informations concernant le Trackdéchet sont à retrouver dans […]

3 January 2022

Application dématérialisation de la traçabilité des déchets dangereux Trackdéchets

Voici le position paper concernant l’application et la dématérialisation de […]

22 November 2021

Journey of a pressurized gas waste

Parcours d’un déchet de gaz sous pression

18 June 2019

Undeclared refrigerants, do you know the risks?

More and more undeclared refrigerants appear in the market. Available online, these fluids called “illegal” put in risk the achievement of environmental objectives fixed by the Regulation F-Gas but they present many other risks.

25 September 2017

Proposed tax on HFC refrigerants: the professionals are unanimously opposed to an incoherent additional tax

Press release about the proposed tax on HFC refrigerants

25 April 2017

A new convention for the recovery of refrigerants

The Practical Review of Cold No 1053

16 December 2016

3 minutes to understand | How France has reached to avoid the 45Mt eq. CO2 emission?

Short video of 3 minutes which will allow you to understand the issues of the recovery and regeneration of refrigerants.

5 December 2016

TV report on France 2 (French channel) – Télématin: Let's protect our planet

Thursday 03rd of November 2016, the Télématin teams realized a TV report with members of the SNEFCCA represented by the cold company Forézien and by ADC3R.

21 November 2016

Economic evaluation: refrigerants emissions avoided thanks to the Convention of 1993

According to a February ARMINES study in 2011: “As a precursor in terms of refrigerant recovery, France has seen an evolution of its regulations since 1992, with a gradual strengthening of national and community regulations relating to the recovery of refrigerant fluids.

4 October 2016

An innovative approach for the control of thermodynamic systems emissions using GESFs

After 22 years of voluntary and responsible approach aimed at reducing and controlling fluorinated greenhouse gas emissions (GESF), the sector “Refrigeration and air conditioning” present the exceptional result of one of the first circulars economies.

21 July 2016

At the United Nations, the French end-of-life management system of fluorinated GES is honored

Article on La RPF

18 July 2016

The French model of recovery and regeneration of GESF presented to the United Nations

The French model of recuperation and regeneration of GESF presented to United Nations: How France avoided 45 MT Eq CO2 with the CFC, HCFC, HFC reclaim for 22 years?

17 May 2016

ADC3R is engaged for the climate

Publication on Froid News

9 May 2016

Recycling of refrigerants: 45 million tons of emissions avoided

Article on HVAC Intelligence web site