TV report on France 2 (French channel) – Télématin: Let's protect our planet

Thursday 03rd of November 2016, the Télématin teams realized a TV report with members of the SNEFCCA (National Syndicat of Refrigeration, professional kitchen equipment and air conditioning companies) represented by the cold company Forézien and by ADC3R. The shooting takes place in the site of the Dehon group in Saint-Priest (69), where the entity of Climalife is specialized in the conditioning of refrigerants in order to realize a TV report which trace the years of efforts of the actors of the sector in favor of the environment.

This TV report of 3 minutes presents a case study with the recovery of the refrigerant contained in an air conditioner by a certified operator, until its regeneration. The shooting team follows all the steps of recovered fluid, even in the laboratory where the pre-processing analyses of the product are carried out in order to ensure the possibility of regeneration and after the treatment in order to check if the regenerated product is well conforming to the original specifications. The issue is high since it is about avoiding the greenhouse gases emissions while ensuring a constant level of quality for regenerated refrigerants.

This short video illustrates and highlights the necessary technical capabilities and expertise at the sector but especially the avant-garde nature of the voluntary approach initiated 20 years ago.

With 45 billion of tons of CO2 equivalent avoided since 1993, the players in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry were the pioneers of the concept of the circular economy by giving a second life at their products through fluid recovery and regeneration. A concrete example of a voluntary approach initiated and made possible thanks to the mobilization of the actors of an entire sector.