An innovative approach for the control of thermodynamic systems emissions using GESFs

After 22 years of voluntary and responsible approach aimed at reducing and controlling fluorinated greenhouse gas emissions (GESF), the sector “Refrigeration and air conditioning” present the exceptional result of one of the first circulars economies. A commitment and a mobilization without precedent of all the actors, which allow avoiding 45 million of T Eq CO21 emissions. Few sectors are able to claim such a success and such an ecological efficiency equivalent to one year of emissions from the French car park. This innovative approach allows the implementation of sustainable solutions of which a system of collection, of analyze, of recycle and of effective regeneration by means of adapted actions as: 

Today, the actors confirm that they want to improve and intensify their commitment in their reduction of GESF emissions throughout the supply chain by capitalizing on good practices and by favorizing the transition towards products at low PRP with the goal by 2030 to 68 million of T Eq CO2 emissions avoided. To do this, they want to:

These actions are going deeper of the actual regulation in the spirit of the voluntary commitment of COP21 and are going to allow the sector of going even further in the control of CO2 emissions.